Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Identification of sweet and bitter almond using machine vision    M.Sc.    Shahabi, Amir Hossein    2018-10-02
2    3D Reconstruction of greenhouse products through Structured-light techniques    Ph.D    Doosti Irani, Omid    2018-04-28
3    Evaluation and optimization of microbial-plant fuel cell with narrow leaf plants    M.Sc.    shokri, shahryar    2018-03-13
4    Visual hull 3D modeling of shrinkage in stone fruits during drying (Case study: Plums)    M.Sc.    Pakdel, Reyhaneh    2018-02-27
5    Development of an Integrated Turfgrass Evaluation System by using Image and Singal Processing Techniques    M.Sc.    Mahnan, Sajad    2017-07-25
6    Construction, numerical simulation and exergy analysis of a laboratory-scale solar updraft tower (chimney) including guide vanes for Mashhad region    M.Sc.    Sadeghi Delooee, Mehran    2017-06-20
7    Development of a computer vision system (CVS) based on X-ray tomography to study the internal properties of melon fruit (Cucumis melo)    Ph.D    aryan, mahdi    2017-01-17
8    Development and evaluation of a photovoltaic honey extractor    M.Sc.    abbaspour davalo, mohammad    2017-01-03
9    Classification of four Iranian rice varieties using VIS-NIR multispectral images    M.Sc.    Ghasemipoor Daryakenari, Sajjad    2016-07-19
10    Investigating and modeling the spatial structure of land price distribution by using fractal analysis and GIS    M.Sc.    Haddad, Majid    2016-06-18
11    Design and Synthesis of tractor-mounted robot manipulator for agricultural products handling    Ph.D    shariati, seyed iman    2016-06-05
12    Predicting thermal properties of apple using dual needle heat-pulse probe    M.Sc.    noori, kamran    2016-05-03
13    Ergonomic evaluation of MF285 tractor drivers working with rear mounted implements    M.Sc.    yousefzadeh, hossein    2016-03-15
14    development of machine vision system for 3D modeling and reconstruction of the tree geometric structure    Ph.D    Alipour, mohsen    2016-01-12
15    Detection of citrus green mold caused by Penicillium digitatum using multispectral imaging    M.Sc.    Ghanei Ghooshkhaneh, Narges    2016-01-05
16    Comparison between two combination methods of natural pigments as sensitizer in DSSC based TiO2.    M.Sc.    HosseinPanahi, Kambiz    2015-11-10
17    Investigating the effect of Nano-silver packaging on Aflatoxin growth and shelf life of Raw Pistachio    M.Sc.    abedini, faeze    2015-10-27
18    Numerical simulation of horizontal axis wind turbine using actuator disk theory with OpenFOAM software    M.Sc.    amini, shayeste    2015-10-27
19    Developing a System Based on Machine Vision And Mechanical Sensor for Dairy Cattle Estrous Detection    M.Sc.    hassanabadi, ali    2015-09-08
20    Non-destructive detection of soft rot in onions using thermography to extend storage life    M.Sc.    akhondzadeganfahrajy, atefeh    2015-04-21
21    Recognizing the need to service single-cylinder gasoline engine in two types of fault by image processing of exhaust gas    M.Sc.    momenifard, atefeh    2015-03-10
22    Analyzing spatial patterns dynamics at non-equilibrium geomorphic systems    Ph.D    Mohseni, Neda    2015-01-18
23    Evaluation of fat content and color of red meat by computer vision system    M.Sc.    Tabibian, Samaneh    2015-01-17
24    Development of an Image-Based algorithm for the use in Sun Tracking on Sunny Days    M.Sc.    Abdollapour, Masoumeh    2014-11-11
25    Feasibility of detection of some weed species using ultrasonic wave    M.Sc.    Gandomzadeh, Danial    2014-11-11
26    Appraisal and comparison of electromagnetic and resistance conductivity meters to estimate soil water content    M.Sc.    mohajeran, mohammad    2014-11-11
27    Construction and evaluation of a three-dimensional scanner for modeling of agricultural products    M.Sc.    ranjbary, omid    2014-09-16
28    Condition monitoring of Pistachio trees using multispectral images acquired by UAV    Ph.D    Moghimi, Ali    2014-08-25
29    Development of computer vision algorithms in order to estimate the yield of orchard trees    M.Sc.    Nasiri, Fatemeh    2013-12-17
30    Design, implementation and evaluation of hybrid dryer (hot air-infrared) for thin layer drying of kiwifruit based on machine vision and fuzzy logic    Ph.D    Nadian, Mohammad Hossein    2013-12-03
31    Determination of pomegranate ripeness and internal defects using VIS-NIR multispectral imaging    Ph.D    Khodabakhshian Kargar, Rasool    2013-10-01
32    Development of a computer vision system for a mechanical damage of apples at harvest both visible and near-infrared spectrum.    M.Sc.    Doosti Irani, Omid    2013-07-02
33    Development of computer vision system for Identification and Quality control of pomegranate arils    M.Sc.    mohammadzadeh, Ali    2013-07-02
34    Evaluation and modeling of drying kinetics Mazafati dates species using artificial neural network    M.Sc.    ansarifar, mohammad hossein    2013-05-07
35    Evaluation and Modeling of Kiwi Vacuum Drying Using Image Processing    M.Sc.    Sigari, Hamed    2012-07-03